Mariners Make Qualifying Offer to Kendrys Morales

The Mariners made DH Kendrys Morales a qualifying offer today.

The Mariners made DH Kendrys Morales a qualifying offer today.

The Mariners have made a qualifying offer to Kendrys Morales.

So what exactly does that mean?

Here is a primer of what that qualifying offer means courtesy of and

For those who need to brush up on this concept, the qualifying offer was a new concept last offseason, and it works like this: Make a player an offer equal to that of the average of the top 125 player salaries and if he doesn’t accept, you get a supplemental first-round pick in next year’s amateur draft. Sign a player that received a qualifying offer, you lose a pick, either in the first round if you don’t have a protected pick (one of the top 10 selections in the draft) or your next available pick.

This year, a qualifying offer is $14.1 million, so any player who accepts a qualifying offer will be under contract for 2014 at that salary. The risk of a player accepting is balanced, however, by the value of that additional draft pick you might gain.

Morales – and the rest of the MLB players that were extended qualifying offers – have until next Monday (November 11) to decide whether to accept the offer and return on a one-year deal, or decline it, and become a free agent.

Morales, 30, batted .277 (167×602) while leading the team in batting average, hits (167), doubles (34), RBI (80), multi-hit games (46) and extra base hits (57) in his first season with the Mariners. His 23 home runs (2nd-most on the team) were the second-most in his career trailing 34 hit with the Angels in 2009.

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