Gold Nuggets: Update from the Mariners Caravan

Mariners broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith is currently on the road in Eastern Washington with the Mariners Winter Caravan. Here is an update from his first day where they toured around the Palm Springs of  Washington (aka Yakima)…

Day 1 of the Mariners caravan to Eastern Washington was really fun. First it was off to Summitview Elementary in Yakima where Nick Franklin, Dave Valle and myself talked to the entire school about setting goals, staying drug free, and studying hard in school. Of course, no matter what we said, the Moose was the most popular guy in the room.

Then it was off to KTCR 980 where the three of us recorded some liners for our local radio affiliate. Val was a pro, and Franklin was pretty impressive, too. 

Our first day wrapped up at the Sun Dome where a few hundred Mariners fans joined us to talk a little baseball. After about 20 minutes of Q&A, it was time to break out the Sharpies. It was close, but I feel like Franklin was slightly more popular than me in the autograph line. He let me know about it on our ride back to the hotel.

Day 2 is in Wenatchee. Should be a fun time! 

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