Instant Replay – How the First Half Went

052414_214 BVH

Heading into the 2014 season, one of the hot topics surrounding the game was the new Instant Replay rules. So, with the first half officially over (with the Mariners at 51-44), how did things go? Major League Baseball sent out the following statistics on play reviews so far this season: So, what have the Mariners done as far as play reviews this season and how successful has Lloyd McClendon been in challenging calls? Here is a breakdown involving Mariners games this season:

Instant Replay Reviews

  • The Mariners have requested reviews on 18 plays (3 confirmed, 9 overturned and 6 call stands).
  • Opponent have requested reviews on 20 plays (4 confirmed, 12 overturned and 4 call stands).
  • Umpires have requested reviews on 12 plays (10 confirmed, 2 overturned and 0 call stands).
  • Totals are 50 plays (17 confirmed, 23 overturned and 10 call stands).

Mariners Reviews

Looking back at the implementation of the replay review system by MLB through the first half of the season, Mariners Assistant General Manager Jeff Kingston said, “All things considered, we believe the system has worked very well.  The goal of getting calls on the field correct has been accomplished, and it hasn’t been that disruptive.  There have been very few major issues, and just a few small technical glitches.”

Indeed.  A total of 1,424 games were played prior to the All-Star break, and there have been 728 challenges/reviews, or basically one every other game.  Jeff pointed out that is what MLB projected to be the frequency, based on data from past seasons.  He also noted that the goal was for each review to be completed in two minutes, and the average length has been 1:49.

Jeff added that he has been surprised and pleased that “there have not been more tactical delays.  I think that shows that the managers, coaches and players have respected the system.  They should be given credit for that.”

There are a couple of great websites that go into detail on the plays that have done under review this season, including and Be sure to bookmark both of those and check them out. You can also follow the official MLB Instant Replay twitter site via @MLBReplays.


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