In His Own Words: John Stanton

_VH_9821It was announced on Wednesday that Howard Lincoln plans to step down as Seattle Mariners Chairman and CEO in August, and that John Stanton, a longtime member of the Seattle Mariners ownership group, will assume that role.

Stanton was introduced during a news conference at Safeco Field. Here are some of his thoughts on his love for the game of baseball and his hopes for the future of the Seattle Mariners.

Deep local roots…

“I was born on Queen Anne and am a product of Bellevue Public Schools. Except for college, I have lived in the area all my life.”

For the love of the game…

“I’m a sports fan, but most of all, I love baseball… I care deeply and passionately about baseball in Seattle. As a teenager I cried when the Pilots left town. I was thrilled 16 years ago to have the opportunity to become one of the owners of the Seattle Mariners.”

Nintendo of America’s sale of a majority stake in the team is a transition as opposed to a transaction…

“When Hiroshi Yamauchi made his gift to Seattle to keep baseball in this community, he did so with the hope and belief that eventually, the team would be returned entirely to local ownership. Today marks the opportunity for us to do that and to see Mr. Yamauchi’s dream realized.”

John Stanton

What kind of a CEO will he be…

“I’ve been a CEO in a lot of different environments. I know baseball, and I know the Mariners, are different. I think the most important thing is to let good leaders lead.”

The future of the franchise…

“My goal, and the number one goal of our entire ownership group and the entire organization is to win a World Series. Since getting involved in 2000, I have gotten to know many great people in the Mariners organization. To a person, they all share that goal. Mariners fans have been so positive, so patient with the team. It is time they were rewarded with playoff and World Series baseball here at Safeco Field.”

We owe it to the fans…

“Nearly 200,000 people have come through the turnstiles since Opening Day. We have loyal fans urging us on to victory. You can feel it in the stands. We owe you our thanks and we owe you a good product on the field and to be a great citizen in this community. I, and we, will try to earn and live up to that trust.”


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