24 Stories – The Commercials

Whether it was a home run belted into the upper deck or a graceful catch in the outfield to take a hit away from the opposition, Ken Griffey Jr. was a fixture on highlight shows throughout his career. But Junior was also a star in front of the camera on Mariners commercials. Take a look back at some of Griffey’s more memorable commercial spots.

#13 – The Commercials

“There’s a personality aspect to every player that we try to find and have a little fun with with the fans – and with the player. It was a little intimidating coming up with ideas for Griffey commercials because a) he was such a big star, b) you wanted him to really like the ideas you put in front of him and c) there was so much to say about him [that] you didn’t know where to start. One of our favorite ones was the idea of the All-Griffey-Team. It was a little fantasy about the fact that Ken Griffey Jr. was able to play nine positions at once and still beat the opposition. The commercial was over – at least his part of it. We filmed him playing all the different positions, and he said, ‘I’ve got an idea. What if I’m a vendor selling stuff in the stands?’ I said, ‘That’s a great idea.’ So we stayed and did that, and it was a nice little button on the commercial. We did one that was a little quieter. The story was there was a sports psychologist working with a pitcher who was having a rough time. And the pitcher saw disaster on every card. And then he [Griffey] flashed that great smile. It was a privilege to work with him. You work with one of the great players of a generation, if not all-time. That doesn’t come along every day.” – Jim Copacino, Copacino+Fujikado

Visit Mariners.com/24stories to check out a new story each day as we count down to Junior’s number retirement at Safeco Field on August 6.

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