Mariners Salute Ichiro on 3,000 Career Hits

Statement of Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln:

On behalf of the Seattle Mariners organization and the fans of the Northwest, I would like to congratulate Ichiro on his 3,000th hit in Major League Baseball.  It is another historic achievement in his great career, as he becomes only the 30th player to reach the milestone, one of his several Hall of Fame credentials.

Ichiro’s contributions to the Mariners franchise were immeasurable. Beginning with his American League MVP Award season in 2001, he provided the fans of the Northwest with many great moments and memories, highlighted in 2004 when he set the all-time single-season record with 262 hits.  In addition to all the hits and all the records, in his 12 seasons as a Mariner he was a 10-time All-Star and earned 10 Gold Glove Awards.

When you consider also what he accomplished in Japan, Ichiro was and is an international baseball superstar.

Prior to Ichiro’s first game for the Mariners in 2001, the late Pancho Ito, a Japanese baseball broadcaster and historian, said, “He is a genius with the bat.”  Mr. Ito was absolutely correct.

A tip of the Mariners cap to Ichiro.


Statement of Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln:

この度イチロー選手がメジャーリーグ ベースボールで3000本安打を達成された事について、シアトル マリナーズ球団、そしてノースウェストのファンを代表して、心からお祝い申し上げます。イチロー選手の素晴らしいキャリアの中でも、3000本安打の達成は特筆すべき出来事であります。メジャーリーグの歴史の中でイチロー選手はこの大記録を作った30人目の選手であり、将来の殿堂入りへの新たな一歩になったでしょう。







Ichiro’s name ranks among the very best in Mariners Baseball history:

Games At Bats Runs
Edgar Martinez 2,055 Ichiro 7,858 Edgar Martinez 1,219
Ichiro 1,844 Edgar Martinez 7,213 Ichiro 1,176
Ken Griffey Jr. 1,685 Ken Griffey Jr. 6,317 Ken Griffey Jr. 1,113
Hits Doubles Triples
Ichiro 2,533 Edgar Martinez 514 Ichiro 79
Edgar Martinez 2,247 Ken Griffey Jr. 341 Harold Reynolds 48
Ken Griffey Jr. 1,843 Ichiro 295 Ken Griffey Jr. 30
Total Bases Batting Average Stolen Bases
Edgar Martinez 3,718 Ichiro .322 Ichiro 438
Ken Griffey Jr. 3,495 Edgar Martinez .312 Julio Cruz 290
Ichiro 3,283 Alex Rodriguez .309 Harold Reynolds 228

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