Edgar Martinez Sits Down for XFINITY Sports Twitter Chat


This afternoon, Mariners Hitting Coach Edgar Martinez swapped spray charts for a little online conversation and took some time out of his offseason to join us and XFINITY Sports for a Twitter chat. If you happened to miss it, here are the questions from fans and his responses.

@ScottScott1272: Would your approach at the plate be different today with the defensive shifts?
Edgar: No, I wouldn’t change, because my approach has always been to use the whole field.

@MarcNavarrete09: What’s the one thing you teach the younger guys coming up from the minors? 
Edgar: The first thing is about having an approach and a plan at the plate.

@YOCAT311: What was best experience as being hitting coach this year?
Edgar: It was to see the team play for a playoff spot, to see them right there down the stretch.

@alexackbar: What pitchers in today’s game would you have fun battling against?
Edgar: It’d be Cole Hamels of the Rangers. He has four good pitches, and you can’t predict when he’s going to use them.

@ChrisJDMitch: What is the one thing you look forward to next season? 
Edgar: Now that our young players have experience playing for the playoffs, seeing how they start from the beginning with that goal in mind.

@BSF11: What is your favorite memory as a Mariners player??
Edgar: I would have to say when we beat the Yankees in 1995.

@MisterPigz: Hello Edgar, which one of your past teammates spent the most time in front of a mirror?
Edgar: That’d be Bret Boone.

@darthbuhner: Have you worked much with Daniel Vogelbach?
Edgar: During the season we did a little work, early hitting and working on his swing path a bit.

@JohnTrupin: What’s been the biggest challenge going from hitting to teaching hitting to other pros? 
Edgar: The challenge, with some players, is they have old habits—and old habits are really hard to change.

@JC_2594: Hey Edgar, biggest baseball role model for you growing up?
Edgar: The first one was Roberto Clemente and then, after him, was Carmelo Martinez, Jose Cruz and Tony Perez.

@HemskyStrikes: Mariner fan in Calgary. Any fond memories from your time with the Cannons? Thoughts on the city/team when you were here? 
Edgar: I think it was ’87, we had a fun, fun team. We had a really good team and the city is a really fun city.

@BrentOsburn: What advice would you give to high school hitters about approach and adjustments? 
Edgar: I would look at the mechanics first, and see if there’s something you have to work on. With approach, always work the middle of the field.

@dan_iel_86: Who was the most difficult pitcher you ever faced?
Edgar: Nolan Ryan was very tough for me, and Pedro was also tough. And anybody that throws knuckleballs.

@RosalyndaReyes: What’s the toughest thing hitters face right now? Has it changed since your years in the big leagues?
Edgar: There’s more information now, and then the shift, that can really affect some players.

@RussellHartness: What do you like the most about coaching now, vs playing back in the glory days?
Edgar: Being able to help young players, being able to help them and then see the results.

@Matt_Mapes: Do you think the NL should adopt the DH? 
Edgar: Yes, I do, it’s been around for over 40 years now.

@Lanetraver7: What was the significance in choosing the number 11 to wear on you back?
Edgar: It’s funny, I think it was just the number that was available.

@matt_king19: What was your favorite city to play in besides Seattle?
Edgar: I love New York, really liked New York.

@Ryan_W00ds: Did you always switch bat weights depending on who you were facing?
Edgar: I would actually change it as the year went on, making it a little lighter.

@kakaboomaka: Kingdome vs. Safeco. Which did you prefer? 
Edgar: I used to love the Kingdome, it was great for hitters.

@dkent08: Of all the @Mariners commercials you’ve been in, is there one that stood out to you as your favorite? 
Edgar: I like the one from when we just opened Safeco, hitting the opener and rolling back the roof.

@XFINITYSports: Bases loaded, down 1, bottom of the 9th. Would you have wanted Griffey, Ichiro, or yourself up?
Edgar: Me! But if I need a homer, Junior, if I need get on base, Ichiro.

@TorryBruce: What’s the toughest pitch for you to hit??? 
Edgar: That’d be the knuckleball.

@BFreezy3: Who hit balls further in BP? Griffey Jr. Or Bone?
Edgar: I will say Buhner farther, but Junior was more consistent on hitting the homers in BP.

@THEDeeJenks: What do you like about Scott Servais as a manager? 
Edgar: He understands that the players need to be loose, and maintains a positive environment for them.

@boring_oranges: Who do you like in the World Series? 
Edgar: I like the Cubs.

@kakaboomaka: What did you like to do in the off season to relax?
Edgar: I like to travel during the offseason. We went to Puerto Rico, and are traveling again over Thanksgiving.

@XFINITYSports: Excluding your own players, who’s the best hitter in @MLB today?
Edgar: Most complete, and toughest, is Mike Trout right now.

@caitmarge: What does your perfect pizza include, @11EdgarMartinez?
Edgar: I like the margherita, thin crust.

@BisharaDorre: Favorite NFL team?
Edgar: That’d be the Seahawks.

@EdKore: What advice would you give Lindor or Baez during the WS? #PuertoRico
Edgar: Probably, just don’t try to do too much. Be themselves and avoid distractions.

@stephaniebrayy:  What’s your favorite emoji? 
Edgar: 👍

@Raezerblade: What is the most difficult habit for a young player to break?
Edgar: If a player has a hitch, that’s always tough to a break because it feels very awkward to do.

@Tanor_G: Best thing about being a baseball player? 
Edgar: That it starts as a fantasy, something you wish you could do as a kid. And then when it happens, it’s living your fantasy.

@warriorsgbb: If you only had time for 1 hitting drill, what would it be?
Edgar: I would say hitting off a tee.

@RussellHartness: What do you miss the most about playing?
Edgar: Preparing for competition, and then the competition itself.

@kalirengstorff: did you watch David Ortiz’ final games? Are you sad to see him go as a fellow DH?
Edgar: It was sad to see him go. Looked so good he could almost play a couple more years.

@LookoutLanding: do you tell people Safeco Field is located “at the corner of Dave Niehaus and Me Drive”?
Edgar: Haha, I never thought about that one.

@Shmedgar24: hey Edgar who is the one mariners pitcher, past or present, who you wish you could have had an at bat against?
Edgar: I wish I could face Felix.

@junior1385: What TV show are you going to get caught up on in the offseason?
Edgar: I watch basically two shows, stock news on CNBC and also Shark Tank.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, and to Edgar for hanging out with us. Keep an eye out for more of these in the future.

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