Rest in Peace, Lefty Carnett

We were saddened to learn today that Eddie “Lefty” Carnett, who turned 100 years old just two weeks ago, has died.

Lefty was the oldest living former Major Leaguer, and the oldest Pacific Coast League player. During his playing days he spent time with the Seattle Rainiers (1942-1943, 1946) and had three cups of coffee in the Big Leagues with the Boston Braves (1941), Chicago White Sox (1944) and Cleveland Indians (1945).

Back on May 26, 2012, a spry 95-year old Lefty threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Safeco Field before the Turn Back the Clock game in which the Mariners wore Rainiers jerseys and the Los Angeles Angels wore the PCL Angels uniforms from 1955.

During his playing days, Lefty was what one might call versatile. He was an outfielder, first baseman and pitcher. He was also a player/manager for six seasons in the minor leagues. He had a 19-year professional baseball career from 1935-1955.

Lefty died peacefully at his home in Ringling, Oklahoma with his wife MaryLee and family surrounding him.

Rest in Peace, Lefty.

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