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This week on Mariners All-Access from ROOT SPORTS it’s another special edition leading up to Ken Griffey Jr. Weekend at Safeco Field and retiring Griffey’s #24.

“Welcome to the Club”
Three Hall of Famers with retired jersey numbers welcome Griffey to the exclusive club.

It’s an iconic symbol to Mariners fans. We check in on what it means to Griffey in the Northwest.

Players, Managers, Team Executives on Griffey
Retiring Griffey’s number seemed inevitable after what he did on the field and the respect he earned from teammates, players, coaches and executives around the game. We’ll talk with some to get their take on Griffey receiving Baseball’s highest honor.

Senior on Junior
You can’t talk about Junior’s career without mentioning the impact of his father Ken Griffey Sr. Senior shares insights on how he knew Junior was a star, what it was like to play on the same team and how the backwards cap came to be.

The Cap
At the end of his speech at Cooperstown, Griffey admitted that the backwards cap wasn’t his idea. We’ll revisit how that signature look came to be.

Making of the Plaque
Griffey is now enshrined in bronze at the Hall of Fame. Hear from the artist who created the plaque, the challenges and the process of how it was made.

Rickey Henderson HOF Moment
Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson recalls getting the best of Junior on the basketball court.

Griffey on Rickey at induction
From one Hall of Famer to another, Griffey calls out Rickey and demands a rematch during his Hall of Fame speech

Griffey on how he wants to be remembered
We’ll always call him The Kid, Junior and Hall of Famer, hear how Griffey himself wants to be remembered following his 22-year career.

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