About the Blog

Welcome to the “Voice of the Mariners,” the new Seattle Mariners PR blog. .

Blog posts will go behind/beyond the headline with news and information about Club events, activities, priorities, etc.

We’ll also mine our deep archives for classic photos and facts. Look for features such as Baseball Card of the Day, On this date in Mariners History, On the Road, Five Questions for…

The goal is to reach our fans directly and keep you informed and connected to the Seattle Mariners year-round. After all, we don’t only make news during the season.

We’ll update frequently when news breaks, or when we feel we have something to share

We hope you enjoy it.


  1. James

    Really enjoyed following the “blog game” today!!!!! Was actually very impressed with the detail and i knew exactly what was going on!!! Way to go guys!!!

  2. Ruth Sanderson

    I am a diehard Mariners fan and watch all the games I can here in Vegas on Extra Innings. I see the commercials you run on finding the biggest fan in specific states. Why nog run a hunt for the biggest fan outside the Northwest? Love my M’s!!!!

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